Report on SECAC 2015 CONFLUENCE, Pittsburgh

The AHPT-sponsored open session at the Southeast College Art Conference was held in Pittsburgh PA October 21–24. Please contact session organizer Marjorie Och

Laura Hollengreen, Georgia Institute of Technology, “Dwelling on the Past”

Solmaz Kive, University of Colorado, Denver, “Teaching the Histories of Architecture in the Digital Age”

Marie Gaspar-Hulvat, Kent State at Stark, “Smarthistory-style Videos for a Special Topics Course in Russian Art”

Ashley Busby, Susquehanna University, “Memes and YouTube and Wikis! Oh My!: Student Learning and Writing Mediated Through Technology”

Rhonda Reymond, West Virginia University, “Portals to Learning: Threshold Concepts in Art History Pedagogy“

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