College Art Association The College Art Association (CAA) promotes the visual arts and their understanding through committed practice and intellectual engagement.  The College Art Association advances the highest standards of instruction, knowledge and practice in the visual arts to stimulate intellectual curiosity and advance skills that enrich the individual and society.

SECAC (Southeastern College Art Conference) is a non-profit organization that promotes the study and practice of the visual arts in higher education on a national basis. SECAC facilitates cooperation and fosters on-going dialog about pertinent creative, scholarly and educational issues among teachers and administrators in universities, colleges, community colleges, professional art schools, and museums; and among independent artists and scholars., the award-winning art history site created by Beth Harris and Stephen Zucker

Art History Resources on the Web, an award-winning resource for art historians created by Christopher Witcombe

ArtSource, ArtSource is “a gathering point for networked resources on Art and Architecture… This site is intended to be selective, rather than comprehensive.” Includes sections on general resources & bibliographies, architecture resources, art & architecture programs, art/architecture libraries, art journals online, artist’s projects, electronic exhibitions, events, image collections, museum information, new media, organizations, and vendor information. Maintained by Mary Molinaro, University of Kentucky.

Mother of Art History Links Pages, Teaching Resources, Art History Programs, Digital Image Sources.  From the School of Art and Design, University of Michigan.

CHArt Based in the UK, CHArt was established in 1985 by art and design historians who happened also to be computer enthusiasts. Initially a forum for the exchange of ideas between people who were using computers in their research, the largely academic membership was soon augmented by members from museums and art galleries, as well as individuals involved in the management of the visual and textual archives and libraries relevant to the subject.

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Art History The History of Art Virtual Library is a collection of links relating to Art History and computer applications in Art History. The site is sponsored by CHArt, the Computers and History of Art Group. This site is aimed at everybody interested in art, but it has a special focus on the academic study of Art History.

The National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE) helps liberal arts colleges and universities integrate inquiry, pedagogy, and technology. With its NITLE Network members, NITLE works to enrich undergraduate education and strengthen the liberal arts tradition. Established in 2001, NITLE is the key organization for liberal arts colleges and universities seeking to engage students in the unique learning experience that liberal education provides and to use technology strategically to advance the liberal-arts mission.