Report on SECAC 2014

Bringing Art Conservation and the Sciences into the Art History Classroom
This session aims to bring together art historians, art conservators, and scientists to discuss incorporating art conservation into the art history classroom. Classroom encounters with original works of art are, perhaps, rare and might require on-campus permanent art collections dedicated to students. How might we use these on-campus collections to inspire interest in the physical work of art and the processes of production? What tools and technologies are already available to us for exploring art conservation? How might we collaborate with colleagues in studio art and the sciences? Absent actual works of art, what are the best means for introducing what art historians and art conservators learn from one another? Are new tools and new technologies redefining connoisseurship?
One goal of this session is to integrate STEM into art history through an examination of new and old technologies that focus on the work of art. Contributions to this session might include case studies by faculty who have team-taught interdisciplinary courses, as well as faculty teaching solo who have identified ways to integrate these disciplines. Presentations on technology as well as studio and lab equipment for use in art history classes are especially welcome.
Session Chair: Marjorie Och, University Of Mary Washington.

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