Report on CAA 2013, New York

AHPT’s ‘content’ session in New York City entitled ‘Rock the Pedagogical Boat: Open Mic + Tweet #caa2013rock,’ was very successful; many thanks to Dr. Janice Robertson (Pratt Institute), Dr. Gale Justin (Pratt Institute), and Janhavi Pakrashi (Pratt Institute)! Over 50 participants talking, tweeting, and listening in the room, were joined by participants tweeting from other parts of the conference! Everyone in the session had a chance to participate and received a ‘speaker’ ribbon. It was an engaging venue resulting in a treasure-trove of ideas about pedagogy and technology, two topics that were sometimes discussed in relation to each other and other times independently. Participants shared tools and methodologies around teaching, including innovative ways to generate class discussion, problem-based learning strategies for research papers and exhibit projects (role-playing!), interactive lecture formats, and non-traditional classroom learning environments (How can images outside the traditional realm of Art History serve as learning tools?). There was much discussion of student-centered learning strategies and ‘flipped’ classrooms – how do we get students to think?! How do we give them ownership? How do we structure the classroom with continual activity and focus that is goal-oriented? There was discussion about how which pedagogical and technological approaches are helpful for intro-level classes and upper-level courses. Complementary and critical analysis of technological tools included discussions about Powerpoint, Prezi, Omeka, and Voicethread, to name a few, and examples were offered to make these tools better and more interactive. Participants expressed their desires for more time to become comfortable using new tools, and questioned how important they were. Assessment has never been more important! A great many participants discussed concerns about the trajectory Higher Education is taking, as related to on-line learning, blended learning, and MOOCs. We were all interested in finding out more about THAT CAMP (more to come about THATCAMP and upcoming CAA conference in our next newsletter). New resources were brought to our attention, including the Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy (, online writing tools (, and a possible new web resource

Check out the new site Janice has put together with a plethora of information about the session! Tweet it!

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