Report on CAA 2012

Report on CAA 2012, Los Angeles Art Historians Interested in Pedagogy and Technology, with a grant from Wagner College, sponsored a hands-on learning workshop in LA on Thursday, 2/23/12. Entitled ‘Constructive Use of Technology in the Art History Classroom: A Hands-on Learning Workshop,’it offered audience members more opportunity to learn Art History teaching and learning technologies.

Dr. Kelly Donahue-Wallace conducted her workshop on Teaching Art History Online. Dr. Janice Robertson conducted her workshop on Voicethread. Susan Healy conducted her workshop on Prezi. Stephanie L. Thornton-Grant conducted her workshop on OMEKA. Participants spent a solid hour working with one of the workshop facilitators to engage directly with the technology of their choice. Further information and details about each of these workshops and technologies can be found on our website at: Each of these workshops was received with great enthusiasm; many participants left with ideas they want to implement at their home institutions. Through the post-session survey, other ideas were suggested for future sessions, which AHPT will be considering for the 2014 CAA Conference.

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