Pedagogy and Technology (AHPT) 2014 session at CAA in Chicago

Visual Histories in Virtual Spaces: Engaging Students Through Technology

Chair: Judy Bullington, PhD, Chair of the Department of Art and Professor of Art History, Belmont University in Nashville, TN

New technologies and online learning environments create an opportunity for a conceptual rethinking of the way that students learn the histories of art. In a series of ten-minute presentations, participants will demonstrate one innovative way they use technology in their classrooms to enhance student learning and the overall effectiveness of teaching of art history whether the classroom is flipped, traditional, or online. Examples include pedagogical approaches to object-based learning in an environment that simulates actual viewing experiences such as curating for a virtual gallery, or the development of learning activities that engage students through online game-like platforms. Best practices, especially those that transition students from being passive ‘consumers’ of digital media to ‘producers’ of content, are highlighted as is the use of technology to enable student-centered discoveries as a means of illuminating dynamic relationships between historical knowledge and the visual arts. Inherent in this producer-based model is the need to address strategies for gaining a functional understanding of new media, interface design, and digital information fluency that make studies in art history relevant in, and responsive to, the changing landscape of higher education. While the presentations focus upon a series of specific and successful student projects, it is anticipated that this will lead to a broader set of discussions between the panelists and the audience around topics of mutual interest and concern, not the least of which is the implementation, assessment, and sustainability of technology-enhanced learning environments.


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