Newsletter 2013, February

Dear Colleagues,


Happy 2013 from Art Historians Interested in Pedagogy and Technology!  You are receiving this message because you have either been a member of the society or have expressed interest in it.  This is the first in a new series of newsletters that we are inaugurating in order to generate a more active and dynamic society.  In this letter, we want to review AHPT’s activities, let you know what AHPT is up to this week at the CAA conference in New York, and give you a preview of new ideas the society will be discussing and implementing in the coming year.


AHPT was re-enlivened in 2011 beginning with a session at CAA, Technology and Collaboration in the Art History Classroom.  Marjorie Och chaired and there were presentations on interactive classroom technologies, audio-casting, wikis, Voicethread and virtual collaboration.  AHPT is also affiliated with the Southeastern College Art Conference.  Marjorie also chaired a session with SECAC in November 2011, “Reflections on Where We Are and Where We Are Going with Technology in the Art History Classroom.’ Presentation topics included wikis, podcasts, blogs, Voicethread, and web-authoring.  The 2012 CAA session, chaired by Sarah Scott, included a hands-on workshop session for participants to learn Voice-thread, Prezi, OMEKA, and online course authorship.  The past two years has also seen the creation of a new website,, where resources, publications, and details about conference proceedings have been posted.   The website is now open to the public, without membership dues.


This coming week will see another session of AHPT at CAA in New York.  Our session will be co-chaired by Janice Robertson and Gale Justin on Friday the 15th from 12:30-2 in Gramercy A, 2nd floor of the Hilton.  The session title is “Rock the Pedagogical Boat: Open Mic + Tweet #caa2013rock,” and will feature a dynamic discussion around ways that we use technology in our classrooms and how our pedagogical philosophies are changing. It will be a great opportunity to learn these technologies and share thoughts on teaching ideas.  We plan to distill a few topics from this session into roundtable discussion to continue in our business meeting, at 5:30 also in Gramercy A.  We strongly encourage anyone interested in teaching, technology, and the visual arts to participate in the roundtable and business session, as we will discus the future of AHPT, the appointment of officers, plans for the website, and the possible appointment of a new webmaster.  Marjorie Och (current President) and Sarah Scott (current Secretary and webmaster), very much look forward to encouraging participation of others to support a more active and dynamic society.  On that note, we will discuss the results of 2012 and 2013’s sessions to determine what topics members would like see addressed in future sessions.  We plan to generate newsletters to an active new mailing list on the website (please sign up in the sidebar on, we want to have more extensive ‘articles’ published on the website, contributed by members, and hope to discuss the management of membership – particularly how to manage the society without membership fees.


In short, we want 2013 to be the year AHPT becomes a more active society with an increase in membership.  We want to see more exchange of ideas and sharing of technology and pedagogy, and need your help to do it!


Additionally, we know that not all of you who have shared your emails with us will be at the conference this week, but we look forward to hearing from you nonetheless.  Therefore, we strongly urge you to sign up for our mailing list on the website.  Sarah will put together a post-CAA newsletter in order to update non-conference participants about things that happened at the conference.  Sign up and let us know your wishes for AHPT!  This letter and the post-CAA letter will be the only two that will be sent to you unless you sign up for the official list.  All future mailings and correspondence will be conducted through the email list (rather than through Sarah’s email, as this letter is).


We look forward to seeing/hearing from you all this week!


-Marjorie and Sarah.

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