Welcome to AHPT’s new website.  We are an affiliate society with CAA and SECAC that promotes knowledge of all aspects of technological applications for the teaching of visual culture.

AHPT’s website is now free and open to the public.  In the past dues were $15.00. (To become a member, you had to go to the ‘AHPT Members’ page and use the PayPal link to submit your dues ($15.00).  Once the transaction was completed, you were sent a member activation link via email.  By clicking on the link, you would have activated your membership giving you full access to the site.) In addition to access to all the resources here you will be able to participate in our sessions and workshops at upcoming conferences.

As we begin building our site, we will rely on members to contribute.  Please feel free to create groups and start forums to discuss topics of interest.  If you have events, resources, or publications you’d like to add to the site, please email Sarah Scott and, as webmaster, she will add them to the relevant pages..